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BTL Features of product features


Low self-discharge nimh battery:
1.International leading negative wet steel belt technology, high safety, quality assurance;
2.A charge, standby two years: the battery on hold after half a year, the power to retain more than 90%, suspended power reserve can reach more than 85% a year later, put two years remained above 80%, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries was relieved from the long put no electricity problems, truly charging time, spare two years;
3.In addition, the conductive materials are added, the battery has low resistance, the charge and discharge generates less heat, the battery is more efficient, and the instantaneous output current is also larger.
4.Widely used environment: can be used in all rechargeable batteries and dry cells;
5.The number of charge and discharge increased from 500 to 1000, which reduced the cost of battery usage.
High temperature battery:
1, working at high temperatures, the highest applicable temperature can reach 70 ℃;
2, in the 70 ℃ environment, more than 75% of the battery discharge capacity can amount to mark said;
At present, the high temperature nimh battery model can be supplied with AAA: 300-750mah, AA: 600-1800mah and SC, C and D series batteries.
Low temperature battery:
1, can work normally in low temperature environment, battery scope to 40 ℃ to 35 ℃;
2, in - 40 ℃ environment, more than 45% of the battery discharge capacity can amount to mark said (normal temperature type battery can't work in this temperature);
3. The battery discharge platform is high and the high power discharge performance is excellent.
4. According to the customer demand, the low-temperature nickel-metal hydrogen battery pack of the required specifications can be produced by using 0.5-7Ah single core.
High power battery:
1. All key materials are imported, low internal resistance, low self-discharge and good quality.
2. The battery meets the discharge of 0.2 C to 10C, and the battery discharge platform is high;
3. Different designs can be designed according to different sizes, shapes, capacities and voltages.
Application range: wireless power tools, charging power tools, charging lights, remote-controlled cars, remote control models, model boats, vacuum cleaners, flash cameras, mining lamps, etc.